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30 Day Trial $9.95.  You have 30 days to watch the DVDs, take the internet classes, and use the trading simulator.  If you are not completely satisfied, just return the kit and you will owe nothing more.  Shipping & Handling is $10.95 for the US including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Guam.  Shipping is $20.95 to Canada.

SIX DVDs including Intro to Trading, Intro to Options, Intro to Charting, Beating the Bear: How to Make Money when the market goes Down!, Playing the Gaps: The 1 Hour Trader, Money Management.  Plus the Special 7th DVD Welcome to Forex.

PLUS, you'll have access to a TRADING SIMULATOR where you can practice trading with a REAL portfolio at NO risk!
PLUS: 2 week free trial to our TrendCrusher Pro scanning software where you can help spot stocks the same way as Michael Parness does ($300 Value)
FREE PLUS - You get a FREE 2-week membership to (1-time offer for NEW members only) a $215 value
EXTRA FREE PLUS - Michael is not going to leave you hanging! You'll also receive (8) FREE online classes, one for each DVD, to make sure you get all the tools and information you need to be successful ($2000 value)!
Intro to Trading Intro to Options Intro to Charting Welcome to Forex Beating the Bear Playing the Gaps Money Management Trendfund Membership Online Classes TrendCrusher Pro Trading Simulator
That means you get $2300 in BONUS's just for ordering now!

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